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Jetty Extract unrefined live resin
Jetty Extracts
Unrefined live resin is the latest innovative release from the Jetty Extracts team in Oakland. Cannabis becomes “live resin” through an extraction process that preserves the original cannabis flower by flash freezing immediately after harvest. “Refined” live resin extraction can lead to the loss of active cannabinoid components before reintroduction to the final oil product that is sold to consumers. In contrast, no active compounds are removed from Jetty’s “unrefined ” live resin, resulting in a full-spectrum experience (a concentrate product most-closely related to fresh cannabis flower) for the consumer.
CANN social tonics and roadies
Over the years, cannabis has been marketed and consumed in myriad forms: cookies, gummies, vaporizers, and now — carbonated drinks. With a fraction of the calories and no hangover, CANN’s THC-infused social tonics are an alternative to the massively-popular Whiteclaw hard seltzer and other alcoholic beverages. The CANN team also offers packets of soluble drink mixture called “Roadies,” which allow the consumer to take CANN on the go.
NuggClub's monthly cannabis subscription service
The popularity of monthly subscription services — for video streaming, music, news, fashion, wellness, and more — has exploded. Now, NuggClub offers a curated monthly cannabis subscription. NuggClub sends its subscribers $200+ in cannabis products each month for a $99 monthly subscription fee. NuggClub subscription boxes introduce consumers to new products and offer companies the potential of a new sales and marketing channel. If you live in California and are interested in subscribing visit and use referral code “BENGAL20” to receive $20 off your first order.
Why CBN is a psychoactive sleep aid alternative
Rolling Stone Magazine
CBN continues to gain widespread popularity as a sleep aid alternative. Products containing CBN are beginning to appear alongside CBD products nationwide as they fall under the same regulatory framework. Kikoko recently launched “little helper” mints including "Sleep" and a new Night Tincture in California featuring a mix of CBN, THC, and melatonin. Learn more about their range of CBN products and more on